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214 waters by Pishtech included in the Complete Package are shown below.

Each water includes six fishing sites.
The Complete Package also includes all waters published by users around the world!

Blue River, CO, USA

Late summer fishing on a freestone
river high in the Colorado Rockies

Saco River, NH, USA

Big trout lurk in these crystal
clear New Hampshire waters

Missouri River, MT, USA

Montana's famous Missouri River
near the headwaters at Three Forks

Timber Coulee Creek, WI, USA

The water level is falling after
a storm and the browns are hungry

Klamath River, CA, USA

Trout feast on a stonefly hatch in
June in northern California

Spring Branch, IA, USA

Winter trout in Iowa, including
rare trophies, feeding on nymphs

Bois Brule River, WI, USA

Lake Superior browns are moving
into this tributary in the fall

Upper Iowa River, IA, USA

Summer fishing for a mix of trout
and smallmouth bass

Clear Creek, CO, USA

A variety of trout in a scenic
mountain stream west of Denver

Laramie River, WY, USA

Wild browns thrive in the Jelm
stretch of this Wyoming river

Oak Creek, WI, USA

A few big early spring steelhead
are moving into this metro stream

South Branch Raritan River, NJ, USA

This free stone New Jersey stream
boasts good numbers of trout

Sandy River, OR, USA

Fish the summer steelhead run in
this river just east of Portland

Yellowstone River, MT, USA

Early morning fishing on a famous
stretch of river north of the park

Cache la Poudre River, CO, USA

Wild browns on an evening bite in
this clear Rocky Mountain river

Lower Hat Creek, CA, USA

The late evening bite is starting
on this famous spring creek

Saint Regis River, MT, USA

Trout in small, clear water high
upriver, near the Idaho border

Current River, MO, USA

This famous trout park is stocked
daily. It holds a few huge fish.

Gallatin River, MT, USA

Dry fly action is heating up near
the river mouth at Three Forks.

Lamprey River, NH, USA

The stretch near Epping offers
good fishing for stocked trout.

Green River, UT, USA

Some of America's best fly fishing
is below the Flaming Gorge dam

Coon Creek, WI, USA

Fish for wild browns in a spring
creek in the Driftless area

Lamar River, WY, USA

Try attractor dry flies in this
river in Yellowstone National Park

Norfork River, AR, USA

This Southern tailwater is famous
for big and plentiful trout

West Branch Delaware River, NY, USA

There's a mayfly hatch on and big
browns are feeding on the surface

Otter Creek, VT, USA

Near the Appalachian Trail there are
brook trout in this upper stretch

Klickitat River, WA, USA

It's a pleasant evening on the river
and the summer steelhead are running

Sugar Creek, WI, USA

The wild browns in this small spring
creek are hungry for nymphs

Clark Fork River, MT, USA

Rainbows, browns and cutthroat trout
are rising in this famous river

South Fork Whitewater River, MN, USA

The right streamer might coax a big
brown out of heavy cover

Cedar River, IA, USA

A storm is approaching and the bass
and panfish are feeding

Baby Gulch Creek, CO, USA

Catch high mountain cutthroat trout
as you hike up to the beaver dam

South Branch Au Sable River, MI, USA

This famous water has abundant brook
trout and some huge browns

French Creek, IA, USA

Wild browns thrive in this spring
creek in northeastern Iowa

Sacramento River, CA, USA

This upper stretch offers great
fishing for rainbows in clear water

Blue River Stair Steps, CO, USA

Some nice sized trout lurk in a
series of deep pools in Breckenridge

Still River, CT, USA

This beautiful stream is well
stocked with rainbow and brown trout

Coeur d' Alene River, ID, USA

Cutthroat trout, including some big
ones, are feeding on the surface

Westfield River, MA, USA

There are abundant trout and real
trophies in this freestone river

Pine Creek, PA, USA

This freestone river is famous for
producing some very large browns

Milwaukee River, WI, USA

The ice is breaking up and late
winter steelhead are moving in

Gardner River, MT, USA

A wide variety of trout feed in
pocket water near the Wyoming line

Ellis River, NH, USA

There are hungry brook trout in this
small, crystal clear river

White River, AR, USA

Fish below Beaver Dam on one of the
most famous trout rivers in America

Wild River, ME, USA

It's late summer and the water is
low, but the brook trout are hungry

Trout Run Creek, MN, USA

Fun fall nymph fishing for browns
in an aptly named little stream

Little Piney Creek, MO, USA

Fly fish the Ozarks for trout and
a chance for a few smallmouth bass

Jefferson River, MT, USA

Stoneflies are bringing up some big
trout near the Missouri Headwaters

South Fork Humboldt River, NV, USA

Some big trout lurk in the river
below the South Fork Reservoir

Nipigon River, ON, Canada

The steelhead run is starting on a
river famous for huge brook trout.

Pickwick Creek, MN, USA

Wild browns are hungry for hoppers
in this small spring creek.

New Haven River, VT, USA

Wild brook and rainbow trout trout
lurk in clear, deep plunge pools.

Ahtell Creek, AK, USA

This small, clear Alaska creek is
packed with hungry arctic grayling.

Brule River, MN, USA

Fall steelhead provide a challenge
on this scenic North Shore river.

Sabbaday Brook, NH, USA

Clear pocket water holds eager brook
trout in this little mountain stream

Mill Creek, MO, USA

Wild rainbows are feeding in pools
and riffles in this Missouri creek

East Fork Chulitna River, AK, USA

The king salmon run in Alaska may
test the strength of your tackle

Paint Creek, IA, USA

It's late fall, when not much is
hatching, so the trout are hungry

Roach River, ME, USA

It's mid-May and the Landlocked
Atlantic salmon are starting to feed

Yellowstone River, WY, USA

There's gorgeous water near Tower
Junction in the National Park

Battenkill River, VT, USA

Very small flies can take some large
trout on this famous river

Delta Clearwater River, AK, USA

In the Alaskan interior, this river
is known to produce trophy grayling

Bear Creek, PA, USA

There's fun fishing for browns in
this Allegheny National Forest creek

Deschutes River, OR, USA

Summer steelhead are running and
rattlesnakes are out along the trail

Coon Creek Winter, WI, USA

Winter in Wisconsin isn't just for
ice fishing. Wild browns are hungry.

Naugatuck River, CT, USA

Some large brown trout lurk in this
stretch of this New England river.

Pigeon River, MN, USA

You can wade in Minnesota and cast
to steelhead in Canada on this river

West Fork Kickapoo River, WI, USA

Abundant wild brown and brook trout
are feeding after a March snow storm

Columbia River, OR, USA

Fish big water for steelhead and
smallmouth bass below the McNary Dam

Eleven Point River, MO, USA

Cooled by spring water, this wild
stretch is Blue Ribbon trout water

Schoharie Creek, NY, USA

Freshly stocked browns and some big
holdovers are picking off mayflies

Madison River, MT, USA

Just above the mouth, this famous
river offers great dry fly fishing

Joy Springs, IA, USA

Stocked mostly with rainbows, this
stream also has brookies and browns

Dunnfield Creek, NJ, USA

This pretty little creek is one of
New Jersey's Wild Trout Streams

South Branch Root River, MN, USA

Abundant wild browns are on a
September feeding frenzy

West Branch Penobscot River, ME, USA

In very high water, the landlocked
salmon are feeding on baitfish

Santiam River, OR, USA

The summer steelhead run is in full
swing, along with a few king salmon

Anchor River, AK, USA

It's the peak of the Chinook run on
Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Forestville Creek, MN, USA

There are hungry wild brown trout
in this small driftless area stream

Carp River, MI, USA

There are resident trout and a few
steelhead running in this U.P. river

Clarion River, PA, USA

Stocked trout provide good action,
with potential for holdover trophy.

Yampa River, CO, USA

The trout are large, and abundant,
but also picky. Baetis are hatching.

Beaverkill River, NY, USA

The trout are feeding on mayflies in
this famous freestone river.

North Fork Bad Axe River, WI, USA

A summer day on this blue ribbon
stream is perfect for grasshoppers.

Hines Creek, AK, USA

Grayling hold in the calm pockets
in this rapid little Denali creek.

Spring Branch, IA, USA

Caddis are hatching. This stream by
a hatchery is freshly stocked.

North Tongue River, WY, USA

The right fly triggers great action
from the abundant cutthroat trout.

Black Earth Creek, WI, USA

Nymphing provides good late winter
action on this Midwestern stream

Lewis River, WY, USA

In the south of Yellowstone National
Park, this river holds some big fish.

Soper Brook, ME, USA

Hungry wild brook trout will take
almost any fly in this little stream

Fountain Springs Creek, IA, USA

Freshly stocked, this stream offers
very good early spring action.

Riley Creek, AK, USA

The grayling are riding out the high
water by hugging the shore.

Salmon River, NY, USA

Big Chinook salmon and steelhead are
just starting their fall run.

Madison River, MT, USA

Mayflies and a few salmonflies are
hatching on this world famous river.

Kenai And Moose Rivers, AK, USA

Big salmon are running where the
Moose River meets the Kenai

Deerfield River, MA, USA

This New England river holds a
variety of wild and stocked trout.

Cascade River, MN, USA

The Steelhead are fresh from Lake
Superior and the bite is hot.

Cougar Creek, MT, USA

This brook on the west boundary of
Yellowstone holds assorted trout.

Kennebec River East Outlet, ME, USA

There's good action from brookies
and abundant landlocked salmon

Upper Hat Creek, CA, USA

Cold, clear water holds many trout
on this famous California creek

Deep Creek, AK, USA

It's late May and the king salmon
are moving up from Cook Inlet.

West Branch AuSable River, NY, USA

Mayflies are hatching on one of the
top trout rivers in New York
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Beaver Creek, MN, USA

Streamers can trigger strikes in
this high water after a rain
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Buffalo Fork River, WY, USA

It's running a bit muddy, but the
cutthroat trout are still feeding.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Emerald Lake, VT, USA

Bluegills and smallmouth bass
respond well to flies in this lake.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Boxelder Creek, SD, USA

After a rain, this Black Hills creek
is stained, but still fishing well.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Salcha River, AK, USA

East of Fairbanks, this river offers
king salmon and grayling.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Little Bighorn River, WY, USA

There's a variety of trout in the
clear water of this upper stretch.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Lake Carnegie, NJ, USA

Built for the Princeton rowing crew,
this lake holds bass and crappie.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Black River, WI, USA

Some decent smallmouth bass lurk in
this aptly named river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Missouri River near Craig, MT, USA

This stretch of the 'Mo' holds both
numbers of trout, and trophies.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Crooked Creek, MN, USA

The water is a bit stained, but some
nice browns lurk in this stream.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Rapid Creek, SD, USA

This cold, clear tailwater is home
to some big, picky trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Willowemoc Creek, NY, USA

This great freestone stream holds a
good mix of stocked and wild trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Grayling Creek, MT, USA

In the west side of Yellowstone, the
trout are thick in this creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Ragged Stream, ME, USA

Find pockets between the rapids here
and you'll find some willing fish.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Big Hole River, MT, USA

This stretch of the famous Big Hole
is known for big brown trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Bark River, MI, USA

The Steelhead run is under way on
this Upper Peninsula river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

North Fork Shoshone River, WY, USA

Terrestrials and big nymphs can take
some nice trout on this river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Musconetcong River, NJ, USA

This Delaware River tributary may be
the best trout river in New Jersey.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Snake River, WY, USA

Near the headwaters, the Snake is
is famous for wild cutthroat trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Peabody River, NH, USA

This Androscoggin tributary has very
clear water and a mix of trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Stariski Creek, AK, USA

This Kenai Peninsula creek offers
nice rainbow trout and steelhead.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Iron Spring Creek, WY, USA

Near Old Faithful, this super clear
stream is a serious challenge.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Androscoggin River, ME, USA

Cast to a mix of three trout species
plus salmon and smallmouth bass.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

North Bear Creek, IA, USA

In early spring there are lots of
hungry wild and planted trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Spearfish Creek, SD, USA

The wild brown trout are plentiful
in this little Black Hills creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

La Crosse River, WI, USA

This is good streamer water. Rumor
says it produced a monster brown.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Little Prickly Pear Creek, MT, USA

Some nice brown and rainbow trout
lurk in this fast little creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Ammonoosuc River, NH, USA

Brook trout are abundant in the
pockets of this beautiful river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Obsidian Creek, WY, USA

Try terrestrial dry flies for brook
trout on this Yellowstone stream.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Kasilof River, AK, USA

The water is running milky, but the
steelhead and salmon are hitting.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Dead River, ME, USA

This river is far from dead, with
trout and landlocked salmon.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Gallatin Side Channel, MT, USA

The river braids into a smaller
creek by the Wyoming state line.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Spring Creek, PA, USA

The rain won't bother the trout in
this Clarion River tributary.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Lava Creek, WY, USA

There's good brook trout fishing in
this little stream in Yellowstone.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Cedar Run, PA, USA

The trout are wild and quite picky
in this beautiful little stream.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Manistee River, MI, USA

This stretch of the 'Big' Manistee
offers a nice variety of trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

East Branch Pemigewasset River, NH, USA

The pockets on the little East Pemi
hold some really eager brookies.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Little La Crosse River, WI, USA

Sometimes small water like this can
hold some serious lunkers.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Firehole River, WY, USA

With pockets warmed by hot springs,
this famous river holds nice trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

East Branch Ausable River, NY, USA

This beautiful Adirondack river has
some nice trout in the pockets.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Little Salmon River, ID, USA

This upper stretch has pockets that
hold resident rainbows and cuts.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Au Sable River, MI, USA

This river is famous for trout, some
very large, eating huge mayflies
(Complete Package Exclusive)

South Fork Madison River, MT, USA

While not the most famous fork, it
offers very scenic trout fishing.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Kings River, AK, USA

Catch grayling and trout in this
swift Matanuska River tributary.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

East Fork Bitterroot River, MT, USA

This gorgeous river offers dry fly
action for a variety of trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Paulinskill River, NJ, USA

This freestone stream is heavily
stocked, and holds a few monsters.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Porcupine Creek, WY, USA

This tiny creek in the Bighorns has
hungry trout in clear pockets.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Honolulu Creek, AK, USA

This gorgeous stream holds rainbows,
grayling and the occasional Chinook.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Trail Creek, MT, USA

There's a heavy hatch of mayflies
bringing trout to the surface here.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Bradley Fork, NC, USA

Caddis provide action in the pools
and pockets in this little creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Tainter Creek, WI, USA

A healthy population of wild brown
trout are gorging on nymphs.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Middle Prong Little River, TN, USA

For a fairly small stream, a few of
the trout are surprisingly large.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Swift River, NH, USA

Decent sized trout rise from between
boulders to pick off tiny midges.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Gardner River, WY, USA

The upper stretch in Yellowstone has
fair numbers of brook trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Toccoa River, GA, USA

This river offers one of the best
chances for trophy trout in Georgia.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Winnebago Creek, MN, USA

Fish one of Minnesota's Driftless
Area streams for wild browns.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Snowbird Creek, NC, USA

Abundant brook trout are hungry for
ants and other terrestrials.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Polecat Creek, WY, USA

This Snake River tributary near YNP
holds a few trophy cutthroat trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Whitewater River, SC, USA

Between two waterfalls lies some of
South Carolina's best trout water.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Tolsona Creek, AK, USA

This roadside Alaska stream holds
some willing grayling.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Yellowstone Prong, NC, USA

A hike through bear country brings
you to this little mountain brook.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Duck Creek, MT, USA

A variety of trout are taking
mayflies just outside Yellowstone.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Pemigewasset River, NH, USA

In the stretch a variety of trout
are feeding on tiny midges.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Tuckasegee River, NC, USA

The 'Tuck' offers some of the best
trout fishing in the Southeast.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Nez Perce Creek, WY, USA

In this Yellowstone creek there's
good action with terrestrials.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Bee Creek, MN, USA

There are good numbers of wild brown
trout in this Driftless stream.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Henry's Fork, ID, USA

At sunset the trout are picking off
mayflies on this classic river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Tweed River, VT, USA

There's fine trout fishing in this
area known for covered bridges.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Otter Creek, KY, USA

Not far from Fort Knox, this stream
is stocked with rainbows and browns.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Gibbon River, WY, USA

In reality, expect mosquitoes. Here,
you can concentrate on the trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Looking Glass Creek, NC, USA

Fish for rainbows in the stretch
near the famous waterfall.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Flat Brook, NJ, USA

On this stream in the Stokes State
Forest, 'bows are taking dry flies.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Dutch Creek, WI, USA

Despite a light rain just starting,
browns are taking BWOs on top.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Eastatoe River, SC, USA

It's one of the state's best trout
streams with wild and stocked fish.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Farmington River, MA, USA

This nice stretch south of Otis is
freshly stocked with trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Cumberland River, KY, USA

This Kentucky tailwater boasts both
abundant trout and trophy potential.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Belt Creek, MT, USA

With big salmonflies hatching, the
rainbows and browns are feeding.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Spring Coulee Creek, WI, USA

Recovering from a flood last year,
this stream still holds many trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Avery Creek, NC, USA

This little creek features wild
trout ready to take dry attractors.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Spring Creek, SD, USA

Brown drake mayflies are calling up
the trout in this Black Hills creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Davidson River, NC, USA

The trout here can be picky, but
there's potential for a real trophy.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Little Firehole River, WY, USA

Nymphs are getting action from a
variety of trout near Old Faithful.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Trimbelle River, WI, USA

Abundant wild brown trout feed on
a spring hatch of black caddis.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Beech Flats Prong, NC, USA

There are brookies and rainbows in
this little steam in the Smokies.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Chena River, AK, USA

Catch grayling near midnight on the
summer solstice east of Fairbanks.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Willamette River, OR, USA

Catch some resident rainbows plus
summer steelhead near Corvallis.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Hiwassee River, TN, USA

With the powerhouse turbines closed,
try wading this great trout river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Grasshopper Creek, MT, USA

East of White Sulphur Springs, there
are hungry trout in this tiny creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Temperance River, MN, USA

Steelhead visit the short stretch
between the falls and Lake Superior.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Deep Creek, NC, USA

The stonefly hatch is happening on
this famous Smoky Mountain stream.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Tongue River, WY, USA

There's action from rainbows and
browns here in the Big Horns.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Nishisakawick Creek, NJ, USA

Hungry rainbow trout are freshly
stocked in this Delaware tributary.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Noontootla Creek, GA, USA

This stretch of a great Georgia
stream offers a mix of trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Upper Gallatin River, MT, USA

Just outside Yellowstone, some big
browns are mixed among the rainbows.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

North Mills River, NC, USA

This scenic stream is stocked with
trout. A few are big brood stock.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Spring Creek, MO, USA

There are rainbow trout in this
Ozark stream, and a few are big.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Sun River, MT, USA

Cutthroat trout are abundant in this
scenic Montana river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Oconaluftee River, NC, USA

Just below the mouth of Raven Fork,
this stretch holds some big trout.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Kewaunee River, WI, USA

The fall run is an opportunity to
battle big salmon in small water.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Joseph Creek, MT, USA

This little tributary of the Big
Hole is packed with hungry brookies.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Rock Creek, GA, USA

This northern Georgia stream is well
stocked, mostly with rainbows.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Sheboygan River, WI, USA

The ice has just broken up and the
steelhead are moving into the river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Specimen Creek, MT, USA

There are rainbows and cutthroat in
this stretch of pocket water.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

White River, VT, USA

There are both numbers and trophy
trout in this famous Vermont river.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Jacks River, GA, USA

This beautiful stream winds through
the wilderness in northern Georgia.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Salmon River, ID, USA

A heavy hatch of caddisflies is
bringing up some nice rainbows.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Abrams Creek, TN, USA

The water is low, but there are fish
in pockets in this upper stretch.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Gros Ventre River, WY, USA

Cutthroat trout are picking off
stoneflies in the current seams.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Little River, TN, USA

The main stem holds mostly rainbows,
but there are also a few big browns.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

South Bear Creek, IA, USA

Try nymphing for these late fall
rainbows and browns.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

West Prong Little River, TN, USA

Rainbows and a few brookies inhabit
this scenic stream in the Smokies.
(Complete Package Exclusive)

Mormon Coulee Creek, WI, USA

Try midges on top or scud flies near
the bottom in this spring creek.
(Complete Package Exclusive)